Transform your Team culture

From a blame, silo culture to that of trust, ownership and collaboration

Looking to support your team's development?

Sounds familiar?

  • Your organisation has aspirations to grow and lead your industry/make a larger impact, but your culture could potentially hold you back
  • There is lack of trust, effective communication within teams and inter-personal conflict is on the rise
  • When things go wrong, there are excuses or blame rather than ownership
  • There is a general feeling of burnout and overwhelm that prevents people from being at their best

If you said yes to few or all of the above, it is time to transform your team culture!

Building Inspiring Cultures and Teams

You are serious about creating a culture that drives greater levels of staff engagement and organisational excellence. And maybe you have tried various strategies and training programs before, only to see your team slide back into old habits. Our values-led culture transformation process aids deep-set behavioural  transformation rather than offer surface-level, short-term fix to problems. It is time to create an inspiring team culture where the best people want to choose, stay and play at their best, not just for now, but for years to come! 

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Team Alignment Diagnostic:
Uncover your team’s strengths, development areas and underlying dynamics of what is causing conflict, burnout etc


Team alignment coaching:
Supporting you and your team towards building a sustainable high-performance culture


Working with Madhu, will help your Team:

  1. Improve the level of mutual trust and openness 
  2. Eliminate blame/excuses and take more ownership
  3. Embrace conflict, open communication and handle differences in a healthy way 
  4. Improve speed and quality of decision-making and
  5. Work together as a team to deliver on team goals and outcomes
  6. Multiply the level of team engagement leading to organisational excellence
AliciaFinancial Administrator, Tristar Electrical
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Before my interaction with Madhu my concerns were communicating effectively. I find conflict a challenge and tend to shy away from conversations with the fear of being judged.I gained the learning of DISC which gave me an understanding of my natural behavior style and energy. I also learnt how to identify other peoples behavior and pick up their energy. This has taken away some of the anxiety I would suffer when it came to approaching others. I feel more at ease to have the hard conversations. After our emotional intelligence coaching with Madhu I felt so open to a whole new way of thinking, feeling and seeing things. It has changed the way I feel about myself, understanding my feelings and given me awareness. I would definitely recommend Madhu as a coach. She creates an environment where you feel safe and not judged. You feel this sense she understands your natural behavior. She asks the hard questions that help you think and understand things about yourself but not once do you feel uneasy. After every session you walk away empowered to be a leader.
Tony KennedySales estimator, Tristar Electrical
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In my role, I deal with a large array of people, with different personalities. This sometimes made it difficult to understand situations and people's reactions. Understanding the 4 categories of human-behaviour as part of the Emotional Intelligence Program, allowed me to focus on my strengths and communicate better with other people. I feel a lot more confident in everything I do and don't second guess my decisions anymore. I've stopped analysing decisions and things that have been said, also stopped running different scenarios through my mind at night keeping me awake. I certaintly would recommend Madhu to all types of business and other groups. What Madhu can offer for work and personal life is game changing and you'll look at all situation differently from now on.
Daniel PericProject Supervisor and Apprentice Coordinator
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I was in a place of continued learning, my concerns and challenges (whilst already working through them) was continually dealing with other peoples personality traits and my understanding of their values and emotions. I loved Madhu's zest for life and her bubbly personality. The sessions were incredibly effective, from the first day. I really resonated with the emotion side of things on our last day, the un-resourceful and resourceful side. the filters etc. I feel good about entering a situation , with confidence and some new abilities in reading people quickly classifying their "captain" energy and moving forward from there. I would recommend Madhu as she is she is brilliant,easy going, trustworthy and makes you feel comfortable. She knows and is passionate about what she is talking about.

Looking to support your Team's development?



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