Empower your women leaders

Supporting women leaders in overcoming their unique career and leadership challenges

Looking to support your women leaders?

Sounds like what you are looking for?

  • Majority of your front-line managers are female, and you’re looking to help them improve their leadership skills.
  • You observe your talented women holding themselves back through limiting beliefs and behavioural patterns (such as shying away from delegating or having difficult conversations, lacking confidence etc).
  • You are looking for an engaging speaker or facilitator, to offer a fresh perspective around women’s empowerment, gender equity and inclusion.

Empowering women leaders and high-potential women

Women have unique career and leadership challenges, owing to cultural barriers as well as experiencing unconscious gender rules and norms while growing up. Many talented women suffer from the imposter syndrome, that gets in the way of healthy risk taking and growth. Some women suffer from the inability to set boundaries or say no, while others suffer from the assertiveness double-bind of being labelled as too tough/ dominant. Women are also primary care givers, adding to both guilt and burnout from being in competive work environments. This gets even more trickier for women in care-giving roles.

Women need help with building their skills as well as their resilience to navigate the challenges in the workplace, and rise as leaders.

You can choose from our specialised offerings:

This program is for female-dominated industries looking to build their front-line leadership skills and build a culture of courage, open conversations, connection and positive energy ( rather than burnout). The program will be delivered as a combination of monthly workshops, leadership diagnostics, and monthly coaching sessions.

Career development program for high-potential women being groomed for leadership roles. The program combines a series of targeted workshops alongside personalised coaching aimed at addressing specific challenges faced by women leaders (example: confidence, assertiveness, perfection, work-life balance, lack of visibility, networking skills etc); Duration varies from 3-6 months.

Madhu works with women’s circles or staff network groups, to deliver regular professional development sessions for women (refer to topics outlined under speaking). She also works with circle mentors/leaders to improve their mentoring and leadership skills.

Madhu speaks or delivers short workshops (online/in-person) on the following topics:
– Rising as confident women leaders
– Speaking up and having assertive conversations
– Building a powerful presence and influence
– Bringing our whole selves to work
– How to develop resilience and a mindset of growth?

Working with Madhu, will help your Women leaders:

Overcome imposter syndrome and lead with confidence
Develop courage to speak up, be assertive and set healthy boundaries
Embrace their strengths and lead authentically without having to ‘fit-in’ to a masculine style of leadership
Build their visibility and influence
Integrate the different roles that they play, and rise being true to who they are

Julie FyeCommunity Engagement Team Leader - HOST International
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HOST International would like to thank Madhu for conducting our “Confident Women Leaders” program recently. 25 female community leaders from 11 different nationalities enrolled, sharing diverse multi-cultural experiences together in a safe space. The material presented by Madhu was relevant to her audience and encouraged open conversations. This in turn lead the participants along a brief pathway of self-discovery understanding their strengths and personal leadership styles, and what motivates people around them The success of the program has led to the participants requesting development of further culturally specific leadership training and self-care opportunities, as it has been a particularly difficult period for a long time.
Dr. HarshadHR Head, Nestle Skin Health
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"Building an inclusive culture has been an important agenda for us at Nestlé Skin Health. Madhu helped us uncover and address ‘Unconscious Bias at the workplace’. She did this in a non-threatening way and shared simple ways to approach bias with a lot of real-life examples. Also, she facilitated and encouraged two-way discussion which kept the session very engaging and drove ownership from the audience. Thank you, Madhu, for the session. Really happy that our managers are now familiar with this very important topic which many times is neglected in organizations.”
VaralakshmiCorporate Audit Manager and Women's Circle Leader, Unilever Operations
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Thank you so much for the session Madhu. It has indeed been a great Kickstart of the 'Becoming her' initiative of womeninuniops with your session. A lot of us at the D&I WomenInUniops Unilever, me included , loved all your actionable tips and impactful mindset-shift framework. We look forward to more sessions with you.
Duygu YenginDirector of Gender Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, University of Adelaide
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Thank you, Madhu for the amazing talk on how to rise as women leaders. We were really lucky to have you. Your quickly built rapport with the audience and created an environment where the participants opened up and engaged delightfully. You lit the spirit of the audience. It was well-facilitated.
Female economic studentUniversity of Adelaide
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Madhu is an excellent facilitator and a passionate and engaging presenter. As female university students, we were honoured to have her present to us and learn more about gaining leadership roles in our professional careers. She instilled confidence in all of us, was very logical and was able to deliver complex ideas in a very straightforward and accesible way. The workshop offered plenty of opportunities for students to participate and share new ideas. The skills learned from this workshop will be valuable for us throughout our careers.

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