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What if your leaders inspired greatness in themselves & others?
What if trust, effective communication and shared accountability is a norm in your teams?
What if your culture fueled organizational excellence, making you stand out from the rest of the market?
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Develop your leaders

Set up your leaders for success, by enabling lasting personal & leadership transformation
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Transform team culture

Build a culture of shared trust, accountability and collaboration
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Develop women leaders

Women have unique barriers for growth and different leadership challenges demanding a different approach to enable their development.
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Building a high performing team

Get the step-by-step guide to inspire positive team spirit, accountability and sustained excellence.


Tony KennedySales estimator, Tristar Electrical
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In my role, I deal with a large array of people, with different personalities. Understanding the 4 categories of human-behaviour allowed me to focus on my strengths and communicate better with other people. I feel a lot more confident in everything I do and don't second guess my decisions anymore.
Stephanie CTeam Leader, Terrywhite Pharmacy
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I started to actively pull myself up in situations where I know I was leaning towards easy preprogramed behaviours, and instead apply some of the amazing new thinking that I have learnt from working with Madhu. I now feel confident in the role I have taken on, and also in the potential for growth and new opportunities available to me in the future.
Varalakshmi MCorporate Audit Manager and Women Circle's Leader, Unilever
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Thank you so much for the session Madhu Jeyakumaran. It has been indeed a great Kickstart of the 'Becoming her' initiative of womeninuniops with your session. A lot of us at the D&I WomenInUniops Unilever, me included , loved all your actionable tips and impactful mindset-shift framework. Looking forward to more sessions with you.

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Hi I’m Madhu, Director and Principal Consultant at Think Stride. I believe that if a company’s products/services are its face, its culture and its people are its heart & soul.

At Think Stride, we support fast-growing organisations build inspiring leaders and high-performing cultures, as a way of sustaining growth and excellence.

Whether you’re looking to build a culture that drives staff engagement and sustains excellence, or helping your managers build leadership skills, or simply looking to support your people through rapid change, we can support your people build the necessary skills, the attitude and come together as a team to support your organisational vision.

It is time to put an end to staff disengagement, unhealthy conflict , missed opportunities, poor customer service, lack of innovation, or any other people-related challenges that may be on the rise, and make your organisation a place of inspiration rather than perspiration!


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