Our purpose is to create better leaders and cultures!

We believe that this is key to creating a better world!

Our vision is to build inspiring leaders and Cultures through world-class programs and transformational coaching.

Our values

• Let outstanding results do the talking
• Do what is right over what is comfortable
• Walk the talk
• Bring a servant’s heart at all times
• Keep it simple

About Madhu Jeyakumaran

Through Think Stride, Madhu’s vision is to enable organisations become a place of inspiration by improving leadership capability and culture. She believes that this is the most effective way to achieve sustained organisational growth and excellence. 

Madhu facilitates leadership programs for executives at the University of South Australia and at the University of Adelaide. She works as a career/leadership Mentor with businesses and professional development organisations across Australia (AITD, Inspiring Rare Birds, Propel SA etc). She currently serves on the board of Spence Club Inc, a not-for-profit women’s networking organisation based in South Australia. 

Prior to creating Think Stride, Madhu worked for PwC and HSBC Bank, where she specialised in culture transformation and leadership development. She combines her experience in driving people-centric change in organisations, with her expertise in human-behaviour, to help leaders and teams to shift their mindset, overcome obstacles and achieve desired outcomes.

Madhu has a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management (from Tata Institute of Social Sciences), is a Certified behavioural profiler (Extended DISC®), Intelligent Leadership® Coach, Meta Dynamics® (NLP) Coaching Practitioner and a certified Australian Change Management Professional.

Why Choose Us

The statistics and experiences of people in the workplace clearly show that traditional leadership practices, are becoming obsolete in today’s age where organisational performance depends on employee’s voluntary efforts (rather than just physical labour or brains). Like you, we understand that there is so much more to dealing with humans at work and we want to make this easier for you:

  • We understand the science of the human behaviour. When we know why people behave the way they do, it becomes easier to effect practical and lasting solutions 

  • We understand that there is no ‘one-size’ fits all solution. We tailor our programs to suit your organisation’s unique context and requirements 

  • We simplify extensive research around leadership and culture into practical tools and frameworks to support learning and sustained change 

  • We understand that behavioural and culture transformation is sensitive, emotional and sometimes messy. We work with you through the messiness, rather than pretend that everything is ok. 

  • Madhu is trained to the highest coaching standards, ethics and methodologies backed by over 12 years of industry experience; Even more than that, she believes in walking the talk and doing the hard-yard of constantly working on herself as a leader, and not just ‘preach’ it to others

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